About ROSU

With the application of the most cutting-edge technology in the 21st century and humanistic touch, ROSU delivers science-based shapewear to consumers, bringing consumers an unprecedented form of rejuvenation experience. ROSU’s shapewear series are produced using 3D cutting and manual sewing. The ergonomic design of ROSU shapewear will fit your body shape perfectly in your every body movements, it is designed to be comfortable for everyday wear.

4 Core Technologies

Emana yarn
  • Scientifically proven
    technology which offers
    cosmetic and sports
    performance benefits.
  • Optimal if worn at
    least 6 hours a day for
    30 consecutive days.
Anionic volcanic energy stone
  • Relieve cold womb/
  • Aid detoxification and
    lymphatic drainage
  • Improve microcirculation
ML memory materials
  • Lightweight smart
    fabric with shape memory
  • Excellent breathability
Copper ion fiber
  • Effectively prevent common gynaecologic infection and inflammation


Many French women have been wearing shapewear for decades.

Why ROSU shapewear should be part of your lingerie wardrobe?

Discover the benefits of ROSU’s lightweight skin and health care shapewear series and enjoy wearing shapewear every day!

(i) It’s not just a shapewear, it bring you skin and health benefits :

• Italy-made Emana yarn

Emana yarn in ROSU shapewear is embedded with bioactive minerals with the far infrared rays (FIR) technology.

Based on scientific statistics, wearing products made of Emana yarn for at least 6 hours a day for a consecutive 30 days will:
1. Improve blood micro-circulation.
2. Improve skin elasticity and promote a smoother and younger skin.
3. Reduce the appearance of cellulite.
4. Reduce muscle fatigue and promote a faster muscle recovery.

• Negative ion volcanic energy stone

Negative ion volcanic energy stone in the abdomen area of ROSU shapewear will warm up your womb, relieve cold womb/ uterus, aid detoxification and lymphatic drainage and improve microcirculation.

• Copper ion fabric

Copper ion fabric used in ROSU shapewear can effectively block the transmission of pathogenic bacterial to prevent common gynaecologic infection and inflammation.

• Provide Support

Shapewear provides support to your muscles and your back and helps to protect spinal joints and avoid back and neck pain.

(ii) Ergonomic design for your optimum comfort

The ergonomic design of ROSU shapewear will fit your body shape perfectly in your every body movement. ML memory fabric used in ROSU shapewear is a lightweight smart fabric with shape memory which will adapt to your body shape for your optimum comfort.

(iii) Fat management

ROSU shapewear will help in directing fat towards the appropriate place according to the “golden ratio” of a female body, lifting and presenting a curvier body. Long term wearing will help in re-positioning fat and sculpt your body naturally.

(iv) Postpartum recovery

Are you suffering from stretch mark, weakened abdominal muscles, belly bulge, wider hips, and mom posture (rounded shoulder, hunchback and anterior pelvic tilt results from the posture of carrying the baby)? ROSU’s shapewear will help you recover to a girl like figure.

Women who had a natural childbirth, can start wearing ROSU shapewear 3 to 7 days after giving birth. Those who had a C-section delivery shall wait until the incision has healed.

Benefits of wearing shapewear post-delivery:

1. Supports and tighten the abdomen and pelvis, shrink the uterus.
2. Supports your organs in your abdominal area, helps in holding muscles and tissue in the correct position, promoting faster recovery.
3. Supports your back, ease back pain.
4. Aids detoxification and flushing excess fluids.
5. Helping you slim back, maintain your posture, make you look and feel better.
6. Protecting your belly and by maintaining good posture it helps C-section women to heal better as it protect the incision from tearing.
7. The front deep V design of ROSU shapewear allows you to wear it with a nursing bra, which is convenient for breastfeeding mums.

(iv) Sweat session

ROSU shapewear pants is exceptionally supple and comfortable and can be worn for fitness session too, it helps to cinch your waist, shape your tummy and bottom, assist in fat burning, intensifying perspiration and protecting your lumbar spine.

Emana yarn in ROSU shapewear helps in enhancing exercise performance. Wear it half an hour before sports activity can help to reduce muscle fatigue and wear it for at least 6 hours after sport activity can promote a faster muscle recovery and relieve fatigue.

(iv) Enhance your beauty and every body movement

Look your best every day and not only on a special event. The softness and high elasticity of ROSU shapewear shapes your body perfectly and it is comfortable for everyday wear. Wearing shapewear will:

1. Cultivates proper sitting and standing posture by keeping your backs straight and pulling your shoulders back. Maintaining good posture is essential for health benefits, it helps to protect spinal joints and avoid back and neck pain.
2. Make you look fabulous and more attractive in your every body movement.
3. Make you look slimmer, taller and curvier instantly. It helps to lift your butt, cinch your waist and shape your tummy.
4. Make you stay motivated in maintaining your S-shaped figure.
5. Enhance your confidence and self-esteem.

Comparison photos of before and after wearing ROSU shapewear

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