What are the materials of the bras you wear at the surface of your skin every day? ROMENSA bras are made of carefully selected materials for your breast health and comfort.




5 patented types of molded cups


3D cotton is an environmental friendly and non-woven material which is vertically netted and aligned. 3D cotton is superior to sponge and other fibre materials.


– Good air permeability
– Inhibit the breeding of germs
– Machine washable


– Quick drying
– Easy to wash

Environment friendly

– Non-toxic
– Resistant to yellowing

* A few products under ROMENSA bra series have molded bra cups which consist of good quality foam layers at the outer layer with inner 3D vertically netted cotton. The foam is of high elasticity, light weight and resilient to help in sculptured the molded bra cups for best fitting.

* ROMENSA文胸系列里有一小部分的产品罩杯,外层是优质泡棉层,内层是3D直立棉。泡棉具有高弹性、重量轻、弯曲自如、体积超薄、性能可靠等一系列特点,有助于支撑文胸罩杯,以达到最佳效果。

3D 透气直立棉

Comparison between traditional sponge and 3D vertically netted cotton:

ROMENSA bras are breathable. Good air permeability is important for your breast health and comfort.

Sponge has strong absorption capacity, poor air permeability, easy to mold, and can easily cause breast infection.


The sandwich-structured air mesh fabric is the premium choice among knitted fabric with excellent resilience. The material is composed of three layers, with the meshed surface being linked to the tight-knit surface layer by the middle layer.

Good breathability

– Meshed cloth that can “breath”

Excellent resilience

– Excellent stretchability
and restorability

Soft texture

– Well fit with the natural
curve of breasts


3. Non-wired

ROMENSA brings you wireless bras with ultimate support and comfort for your breast health.

From the picture you can see the vascular system and lymphatic system spread throughout the breast. There are many blood vessels and lymphatic nerves on the breast, which carry blood and fluid back and forth from the breast tissue to the rest of the body and provide metabolism for the breast. An underwire or an ill-fitting bra can rub and pinch the breast and affect the supply of blood circulation to the breast, squeezing the breast lymphatic system.


4. Five patented types of molded cups

ROMENSA’s unique designs of five patented types of molded bra cups:

  • ROMENSA has five unique patented types of molded bra cups that best correspond to your breast shapes.
  • The unique side and edge design of ROMENSA bras bringing women comfortable bras with impeccable support despite no-wires, presenting fuller-looking breasts naturally.
  • The functional features of ROMENSA bras will help in re-positioning breast tissues, keep your breasts in place, lift, control and shapes your bustline naturally.
  • The molded bra cups are designed to hold and gather your breasts and prevent extension of breast tissue into the armpit and other areas. Long term wearing of ROMENSA bras will prevent bra bulges, side set and saggy breasts.
Sandwich-structured zero-gravity bra cups
  • Perfect for women with busty, large breasts
  • Super thin and air permeable sandwich-structured fabric
  • 360 degree gathering structure
  • Provide solid support, prevent bra bulge
  • No pressure, extremely comfortable

Perfect for:
(i) Women with busty breasts.
(ii) Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
(iii) Women who suffers from hyperplasia, fibroma and mastitis.

Also suitable for:
• Women with B/C/D/E/F cup breasts who like thin cups design.

Check out our bras under this category:
• 8913 (Graphene-based fabric)
• 8915 Memory
• 8917 The Bright Life
• 8908 The Athena Flower Whisper

L-shaped yatch bra cups
  • Targeting side set breasts and bra bulge issue
  • Ergonomic design
  • Patented flat-type bra structure
  • Lift breasts upward and towards the center
  • L-shaped structure preventing bra bulge and re-shaping side set breasts

Perfect for:
• Women with side set/ east west breasts/ bra bulges/ armpit fat

Also suitable for:
• Women with sagging and loose breasts due to breastfeeding.

Check out our bras under this category:
• 1806 Pretty Women

Versatile 4D bra cups
  • Targeting sagging and loose breasts
  • Patented 3 dimensional bra structure
  • Ultrasonic cutting, ¾ top-thin and bottom-thick bra cups
  • Offer different bra cups thickness based on cup sizes
  • Natural hand gathering and cradle effect
  • A/B cups are 20mm thick, C/D/E cups are 15mm thick.

Ideal for:
• Women with sagging and loose breasts

Also suitable for:
• Women with side set/ east west breasts/ bra bulges/ armpit fat

Check out our bras under this category:

• 3818s Miss Sicily

• 3821 Office Lady
• 3823s Spring Whisper (A85, B75-90, C70-85, D70-75)

Light-weighted thick bra cups
  • Perfect for flat chests or small breasts
  • 4D light-weighted bra cups
  • 3-in-1 compression molding structure
  • Thick bra cups, lift breasts upward and towards the center
  • Natural breast enhancement by 2 to 3 cup size

Perfect for:
• Women with flat chests or A/B cup breasts.

Check out our bras under this category:

  • 3820 Real Me
  • 3823s Spring Whisper (sizes A65-80 and B65-70)
Light-weighted “Cat-Eye” shaped bra cups
  • Present natural fuller-looking breasts
  • “Cat-Eye” shaped bra cups
  • Patented innovative bra cups structure
  • Create golden breast ration
  • Present natural water-drop bosoms

Perfect for:
• Women who like to have natural fuller-looking breasts.

Check out our bras under this category:

• 1805 Delicate Laced Design in Contrast Colour

• 3823s Spring Whisper (C90-95, D80-95, E70-95, F75-95)


Are you satisfied with your lingerie selection? A great bra is comfortable, supportive, lift you up, it makes you look better and feel confident and elegant. Experience the difference of ROMENSA’s bra today. You deserve a good bra.

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