Prevent sagging breasts by Investing in good bras

Investing in good bras which are well fitted, supportive and comfortable is important for pregnant women and breastfeeding mummies to prevent sagging breasts.

The breasts increase two cup sizes during pregnancy until giving birth.


Expectant mothers should replace their bras at any time depending on the changes of their breasts size, and should not just wear bras of the same size. It is recommended that you avoid wearing wired bras during this period and take note not to wear a bra which is too tight.

maternity bra malaysiaA small and tight bra will compress the breast tissues, hinder the blood flow, which will ultimately affect the development of the breasts; it will also put pressure on your breasts and can cause clogged milk ducts and mastitis. Wearing clothes and bras which are breathable and comfortable is especially important during pregnancy.


ROMENSA’s nursing bras consist of double layered fabric to provide solid support for ligaments and heavy breasts; and the 3D vertically netted cotton and sandwich structured mesh fabric with large honeycomb provides good air permeability for your breast health and comfort. Beware of poor-quality products when buying a pregnancy bra.

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