The search for the ideal fuller-bust bra is difficult especially for those with C-G cups or heavy sized breast. Definitely, they need to find bras that could support their heavy breast structure yet maintain the soft and comfortable pleasure, giving you a charming look as well. Women with larger breasts willing to swap their sizes into smaller boobs whereas those with not well endowed would like to transform the other way around. I think we as a whole have our little fights with how distinctively every one of our bodies is made. The best method is to accept and cherish yourself and find for appropriate ways to fix this in a more natural way.

In spite of that, it is crucial for all women to take in count the size of your innerwear rather than outerwear because inner wears are important to support your body structure, preventing busty breasts from sagging or loosening. As we know, most of the women are facing saggy breast problems and the reason is they could not find the perfect size bras for their busty breast in stores instead of picking smaller sized bras or not even wearing one at home.

Normally, ladies with heavy sized breast falls under the C-G cup category because this bigger cup space is essential for them to hold the fort perfectly without any pressure or sometimes certain unfit bras might cause rashes to the skin because they are too tight causing the skin unbreathable. This type of method might damage your breast skin, and provide unhealthy looking breast. So ladies, make sure to measure your bra size before purchasing one so that it professionally fits your breast, giving you a stunning look with a big breast no matter what outerwear you use on the day. In spite of that Romensa, the superior online bra store provides you the best quality bras that are made of with selected materials for your breast health and comfort. Now, let’s look for more options that Romensa offers, what are some of the best bras a heavy sized breast woman can wear.


This consist of two sets of bras and panties, sandwich-structured with zero gravity bra cup. The materials used are ultra-thin, non-padded double-layered lace bra cups giving you the best comfy and delicate feel during any activities especially sports. The bra cups frame and nipple cover uses graphene-based fabric which facilitates blood circulation, relieve fatigue and prevent bacteria breeds. Besides, this is also a multiway bra straps which can be worn up to 5 ways. Most importantly, this bra responsible in natural gathering and lifting effect. This environmentally friendly bamboo charcoal cotton panty lining is breathable and prevent bacteria breeds as well.

 bras for busty breast in Malaysia


This wireless bra comes with 2 sets also with luxury lace and sparkling crystal design for an elegant touch. The bra cups structure is designed and formed by 3 pieces of fabric which are connected to best-fit women’s breast curves. Bra cups are designed with a packet to allow adding inserts. Mesh fabric at the side of the bra cups enhance the natural gathering and lifting effect. Front deep V design presenting beautiful bustline. Moreover, widened slip-resistant bra straps to relieve pressure on the shoulders.

quality bra for large breast in Johor



The 2 sets of bras and panties designed with zero gravity bra cups too, along with exquisite floral motif lace embroidery for an elegant touch. The 3 pieces of fabric connected to provide the professional fit women’s breast curves. The bra cups are also designed focusing on thin and breathable large honeycomb cups with seamless wings. Additionally, these bras come with high side wings, 4 hook-and-eye, U-shaped back wings for stable gathering, lifting and holding effect and back support. The graphene-based fabric used not only helps in blood circulation but also moisture the skin.

best online bra store in Johor


This consists of 3 sets of wireless bras and panties with sandwich structured zero gravity bra cup. This type of bra is specially designed for F and G cups size. Apart from that, these bras are also with high side wings, full-coverage design to hold and support larger breasts, keep the breasts in place and presenting a slimmer look.

saggy breast solution in Malaysia


This new type of bra similar like other bras, comes with 2 sets of bras and panties, sandwich structured zero gravity bra cup. Basically, these bras perfectly suits cup sizes C to G. Your large breasts well covered with the sheer mesh fabric in the front. Bra cups are designed with a pocket to allow adding inserts. This specially designed underbust and double side bones bra is for impeccable support and lifting. The widened slip-resistant bra straps additionally helps to protect your shoulders and back pressure.

most comfortable bra in Johor Bahru

Now, this article sheared the importance of choosing the best bras for heavy sized breasts women. These top 5 bras not only make your boobs look slimmer and healthy but also able to heal your back and shoulder pain or pressures. These quality fabric based bras definitely give your breasts comfort sit, no more rashes or sweats. So, ladies make a wise decision, the choice is yours, protect your breast. This article would be the best solution for your heavy sized breast!

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