When we mention breast changes during pregnancy, many expectant mothers will first think about “secondary development” of the breast. Just like becomes larger and swollen. It was just a temporary changes in the breast under the influence of estrogen and progesterone. So, what are the changes in breasts during pregnancy? While the face of these changes, what should expectant mothers do to take their breast good care?

當我們提到懷孕期間的乳房變化時,許多準媽媽會首會聯想到的是乳房的“二度發育”,像是腫漲、變大等。其實這只是雌激素和孕激素作用下乳房的暫時性變化。 那麼,懷孕期間乳房究竟會有什麼變化呢? 而面對這些變化,準媽媽們到底應該怎樣做才能很好地照顧乳房呢?


1.Changes That Happen In The Breast During Pregnancy:

1.Breast Pain:

Breast pain is a common reaction during pregnancy, mainly caused by the accumulation of breast fat tissue and breast enlargement. Expectant mother’s breasts will not only increase significantly, the bra will add at least one cup, and there will be a feeling of bloating, especially in the first trimester.

乳房疼痛是懷孕期間的常見反應,主要是由乳房的脂肪組織的堆積和乳房增大引起。 準媽媽的乳房不僅會顯著增加,而且胸罩將至少增加一個杯子,並且會有腹脹的感覺,尤其是在頭三個月。


2.Sensitive Breasts::

Under the influence of hormones in the receptor, many expectant mothers’s breasts will become sensitive, sometimes it will get hurts at the touch, and sometimes even feeling itchy or unbearable.

3.Breast Vein Dilation And Hyperemia:

Actively developing breasts require more blood supply, and this cause the breasts begin to congest, and avascular network like spider webs appears under the skin. Besides that, the veins appear cyan or blue, which looks especially obvious.
積極發育的乳房需要更多的血液供應,這會導致乳房開始充血,並且在皮膚下出現像蜘蛛網這樣的無血管網絡。 除此之外,靜脈顯示為青色或藍色,這尤其明顯。

Cup upsize during pregnancy, need to change a new bra?

4.Breast Lumps:

Most of the red lumps are caused by blockage of the breast duct, which is a common happening during pregnancy. However, if the lump grows quickly, it does not disappear, and it is accompanied by pain, it is best to go to the breast examination as soon as possible.

大部分紅色腫塊是由於乳房導管阻塞引起的,這在懷孕期間很常見。 但是,如果腫塊迅速生長,不會消失,並伴有疼痛,最好盡快去乳房檢查。

5.Changes In Areola And Nipple:

Affected by fluctuations of hormone levels and pigmentation, the expectant mother’s areola will become larger and darker. Besides that, the nipple will become harder, and it is easy to erection or nodules when stimulated. These nodules are caused by hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands on the periphery of the areola, known as Montessori nodules, which secrete oil and prevent the nipple from cracking.

受荷爾蒙水平和色素沉著的影響,準媽媽們的乳暈會變大和變暗。 除此之外,乳頭會變硬,受刺激時容易勃起或結節。 這些結節是由乳暈周圍的皮脂腺肥大引起的,被稱為蒙特梭利結節,它分泌油脂並防止乳頭破裂。


In the third trimester, some expectant mothers’ nipples secrete a little thin, light yellow liquid. This is the preparation for breastfeeding after birth. This precious colostrum does not need to be squeezed out deliberately. although the galactorrhea may soak the clothes, which makes the expectant mother a little embarrassed.

在懷孕晚期,一些準媽媽的乳頭會分泌出一些稀薄的淺黃色液體。 這些初乳是在爲出生後的母乳喂養所進行的準備。 不需要故意擠出這些寶貴的初乳。 儘管溢乳有時候可能會浸濕衣服,讓準媽媽們有些尷尬。


2. How To Take Care Of Breasts During Pregnancy

怀孕對胸部的影響1. Do Not Rub Or Massage Breasts Vigorously:

When the expectant mother’s breasts are uncomfortable and sensitive, they should minimize irritation to the breasts. Even if you are massaging your breasts to relieve pain, use the softest force possible.

懷孕 胸痛2.Relieve Pain With Hot Compress:

When feeling breast tenderness, we can cover it with a hot towel or apply warm water to gently rinse the breast to relieve the pain.

3. Maintain The Breast Clean And Moisture:

Doing a good job of cleaning and moisturizing can prevent nipple infections or cracking and keep breasts healthy. Wash your breasts carefully with warm water every day, apply an appropriate amount of moisturizer or nipple cream for pregnant women after the bath. During galactorrhea, it’s better to take a handkerchief or anti-galactorrhea pad in time to wipe off the colostrum.

做好清潔和保濕可以防止乳頭感染或龜裂,並保持乳房健康。 每天用溫水仔細清洗乳房,洗完澡後為孕婦塗適量的保濕霜或乳頭霜。 溢乳期間,最好及時用手帕或防溢乳墊把乳汁吸掉。

4. Change A Suitable Bra:

To relieve the discomfort caused by breast changes,  replacing a fitted and comfortable bra is very helpful. When choosing a bra, the expectant mothers are recommended to follow the following conditions:

Comfortable when buckling it tightly;

Pure cotton and breathable;

The shoulder strap is wide enough;

No steel ring!!!

Romensa 懷孕 大而有型
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bras suitable for moms and expectant mothers!

In short, breast care during pregnancy is actually very simple, that is, how to get comfortable under the premise of using scientific methods. The expectant mother feels good about herself, and the baby’s future “granary” will not be bad.

簡而言之,懷孕期間的乳房護理實際上非常簡單,即在使用科學方法的前提下如何獲得舒適感。 準媽媽對自己的感覺很好,嬰兒未來的“糧倉”也不錯。


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