Myth Of Shapewear 1: Young People Doesn’t Need To WearShapewear

❶Prevention is better than cure, and anti-ageing is urgent! The earlier you start, the better effect you get!


❷In the human body, there are several areas that are not supported by bones, such as waist, abdomen, hips, and chest. So these parts will sag more easily than other parts!! With wearing shapewear, you can prevent them from sagging slowly. Young people sag at a rate of about ⓿.⓿❷ mm every year, and if you disregard it, the accumulated will collapse like a flood!

人體之中,有幾個區域是沒有骨骼做支撐的,例如:腰,腹,臀,胸。因此這幾個部位會比其他部位更容易下垂! !而穿形體衣,想要防止這些部位緩慢的下垂,是可以通過形體衣做到的。年輕人每年大約⓿.⓿❷毫米的速度下垂,如果放任不管,日積月累就會像洪水一樣垮下來!

Myth Of Shapewear 2: People With Slender Bodies Doesn’t Need To Wear Shapewear

❶Thin people generally have poor gastrointestinal absorption, so they don’t grow fat. Therefore, their immunity is also very poor, and one of the biggest features of wearing Rosu is to shape your body shape with technology. Several features of our shapewear can effectively improve your body condition, such as the conditioning of the spleen and stomach, our 🅔🅜🅐🅝🅐 yarn can adjust the absorption function in the spleen and stomach area!


❷The curve of the body needs to managed continuously, so the thinner you are the more you need to wear body clothes to Keep fat at the right place. Otherwise, it is easy to run slightly, which will make you obviously not fat, but unfortunately, it will be embarrassing to go to a strange place.



Myth Of Shapewear 3: Fat People Doesn’t Need To Wear Shapewear

Similarly, weight loss does not mean body management, the purpose of weight loss is to reducing weight through reduce fat! But body management is to classify your fat, let the fat on the stomach go to the chest, and the fat on the thigh goes to the hips, so as to reach the S curve!

Because of the busyness lifestyle of modern people, it is impossible to insist on stable exercise or fitness. Therefore, with wearing shapewear you can shape your body in daily life.

So it is obvious that a fat person can achieve the following benefits by wearing a shapewear :

❶ Manage your body shape and prevent your body from deforming. Remember that the fatter you are the more you need to wear it. You will lose weight faster!

❷ Losing weight does not mean body management, shapewear is about to build your curve. Even if you are a little fat, but still also round and full and curvy. This is what woman pursuit, not just losing weight!

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Myth Of Shapewear 4: It Is Enough To Just Buy One

Why should I buy more than 3 Shapewear?

❶The body’s fat cell renewal cycle is about 90 days, so we have to wear it for at least 3 months before we can see the obvious effect!! If you brought just one, you are unavailable to change it and you can’t wear it insistent, it ’s hard to achieve results.
人體的脂肪細胞更新週期約莫在90天左右,因此我們至少要穿3個月左右,才看到明顯的效果! !如果一件拿回去,連換洗都難以做到,沒辦法堅持穿,將很難達到效果。

❷ The shapewear requires ❷❹ hours of rebound time after each use to maintain its optimal service life. Therefore, if you take only one piece and go back to wash it every day, the service life of the shapewear will be greatly reduced, which will affect the wearing effect!

Myth Of Shapewear 5: Weather Is Too Hot To Wear Shapewear


.❶ We Wearing clothes is based on the changes in weather, but shapewear is based on the sub-health condition and the degree of body deformation, so wear shapewear the all year round.

❷Fat is liquid in summer, and solid while winter. So the effect of wearing a shapewear in summer is three times of winter! !! If you wear a shapewear in the summer, you can quickly build your body even if you don’t go on a diet or burn metabolic fat.
夏天的脂肪是液態的,而冬天的脂肪是固態的,因此夏天塑型的效果是冬天的三倍! ! !如果夏天穿形體衣,即使你不去節食,或者燃燒代謝脂肪,都可以快速的打造身型。 

❸ Why people get dark in summer? It is because people just wearing a thin layer of clothing can easily hurt the skin, so wearing a shapewear can just protect your skin and prevent ultraviolet rays! So, we must wear it in the summer!
為什麼人夏天會黑,衣服穿得薄薄一層,很容易傷到皮膚,所以穿一個形體衣,正好可以保護你得肌膚,防止紫外線!所以說! ! !夏天,更要穿! ! !


Myth Of Shapewear 6: You Don’t Have To Wear It When You Get Better

Remember what I said at the beginning? Every year our body will sag due to gravity and other external factors. Therefore, shaping the body should be durable, just like wearing underwear!


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