The First Step Of Breast Shape Correction: Modification Of Beauty Shaping


The most important thing during this period is to get your breast to the basic shape, so we will need to:
Push fat from where we don’t want it to go:
Like armpit, back, abdomen, etc.
In this way, not only get our breast a better shape, but also our overall posture. After all, women gain weight easier than men.

breast after wearing Romensa 2 month

The Second Step Of Breast Shape Correction: Shaping Adjustment



In the first stage, we adjusted the basic shape and started to get some results, so the next thing we need to do is:

Stabilize the basic shape we laid before, and make it more stable and continuous fat management, let the fat near the chest being shaped to the direction that we want it to go. Make the shape towards the centre.

breast after wearing Romensa 4 month
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The Third Step Of Chest Correction: Shape And Shape


breast after wearing Romensa 7 month
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At this time, our overall shape has appeared, and the desired result is almost there, so we will make final adjustments to let our fat to distribute evenly, and present a rounded breast shape, lift up, shape a beautiful curve, and thus showing perfect body figure.

Let’s see the effect of sticking on for a year!

breast after wearing Romensa 12 month
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Simply put, this is what this chart shows. Okay, don’t wait any longer, hurry up and ask us online.


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